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Welcome To Ruchi ! Thanks for visiting my blog. Please do try these recipes, hope you will love it and do post your valuable comments

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ruchi - Ruchiyula Bakshanam (Taste - Tasty Food) - My First Blog and its amazing !!

I have gone through many blogs, basically I have surfed the net a lot. Always wanted to create a blog. I made a grand Onasadya today (a small onam celebration at our home) and that inspired me to create a blog and post all the recipes , hope it benefits someone. So here I go.. In a few days I will start putting all the good recipes here. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome..

The onasadya served in banana leaf (we got the banana leaf from a Indian grocery store, they had banana tree in their home !!)
Onasadya @Ruchikerala

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